Healing from the inside out.

Experience a sense of peace and rejuvenation as you relax, unwind and allow your mind, body, and spirit to find balance and harmony.

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The story behind Reclaim

Reclaim emerged from a powerful vision—to provide a transformative experience that supported individuals’ healing from the inside out. To do that, we've integrated cutting-edge healing modalities, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), cryotherapy, foot zoning, IV drip therapy, and the revolutionary Biocharger—all of which facilitate holistic well-being on physical, mental, and energetic levels. Wherever you are in your wellness journey, we invite you to enjoy all that Reclaim has to offer & promise you will leave feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to reclaim your life!

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At Reclaim, our goal is healing from the inside out.

Since the start, Reclaim has been committed to creating a space of healing and rejuvenation and every aspect of Reclaim is specifically designed to do exactly that. Each modality helps restore balance, promote natural healing, and unlocks the body’s innate capacity for wellness. The physical space is serene and welcoming, helping individuals to unwind, relax, and embark on their healing journeys. Every client is accepted into a vibrant community of people committed to holistic well-being where they can receive support and guidance on their healing journey.

Our Team

Meet our friendly team of skilled professionals ready to support you on your wellness journey.

Liz Burnett, RN

Nurse Manager

Liz is Reclaim's head nurse & manages operations.

Kinley Roberts

Guest Service Lead

Kinley is Reclaim's front desk lead and can answer any questions you have about our facility.

Aubri Hansen, FNP

nurse practitioner

Aubri is Reclaim's Medical Director and provides consults.

Shellie Reich

Foot Zone Therapist

Shellie is a very gifted and intuitive foot zone therapist.

Lauren Ford

Registered Nurse

Lauren provides IV and IM therapy at Reclaim

Elsa Roundy

Client Care Specialist

Elsa is one of Reclaim's newest members.

Jenn Karr

Nurse Practitioner

Jenn is one of Reclaim's nurse practitioners who consults with clients prior to certain treatments.

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